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Dear Fishers,

Fisheries New Zealand has started the annual sustainability review process for stocks with a fishing year beginning on 1 October. This email briefly outlines the process and the stocks we have chosen to review along with the supporting rationale. We also provide the rationale for stocks that we have not prioritised for review this year. 
In general, we prioritise stocks for review based on the best available information, input from tangata whenua, consultation with stakeholders, and whether or not a utilisation opportunity or a sustainability risk is indicated.

In some cases, a stock that is of strong interest to all sectors will be reviewed over a longer time period so that all interested parties can become familiar with the information and provide their input to support the review. The resourcing available to us also limits the number of stocks we are able to review in each process. 
Timeline for the October 2018 sustainability review process 
The expected timeline for the October 2018 sustainability round is outlined below, although specific dates have yet to be determined. 

Stocks considered for review 
The list of stocks considered for review and the rationale for prioritising, or not, is provided below. 
Stakeholders are encouraged to consider the proposals for each stock that will soon be released for consultation, and to provide their detailed submissions in writing or via the template on the Fisheries New Zealand website.

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Recreational Fisheries - Fisheries New Zealand

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