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                                                                                     ROAD REALIGNMENT


- As part of stage 2 of the town ‘upgrade’, TCDC is proposing to build a pedestrian refuge in the middle of the road directly in front of the clubs’ driveway.
- Under the proposal there will be no right turn into the driveway (from Buffalo Beach direction) and no right turn to exit the driveway (towards Monk St).
- The council engineers have calculated turning curves using a ‘medium’ size truck and a car towing a 6.1m boat. They concede anything larger may encounter problems negotiating the entry and exit of our driveway.
- Most trailer boats are now bigger than 6.1m and the turn will be tight with any sort of trailer.
- The truck that delivers the beer from Lion (65% of our tap beer sales) is a lot larger than ‘medium’ and probably won’t be able to turn into our driveway. Getting them to use a smaller truck is not an option (has been previously discussed).
- The configuration and location of the proposed pedestrian refuge is likely to significantly hamper the club’s ability to operate as we have done in the past – we only have one entry and exit point and we don’t want it blocked.
- The plan also has reduced boat trailer parking and no overflow parking at Taylors Mistake for peak periods.
- The club will provide feedback to TCDC regarding our concerns but we are only one voice and more will be needed to get them to change the plan. Feedback forms can be obtained from council offices or you could email the project manager Andrew Boden at andrew.boden@tcdc.govt.nz .
- We have several hard working club members who are employees of TCDC but are not involved with this project. If you wish to provide feedback to TCDC please use the correct channels and don’t question our members about it as this will have no positive effect.

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