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The terrible weather that caused this tournament to be postponed was well and truly behind us as all three days were fished in near perfect conditions. There were plenty of fish out there with ten marlin being caught and no-one had too much problem catching the in-shore species either with a total of 327 fish weighed for the whole tournament by the 284 anglers fishing off 104 boats. Unfortunately we didn’t catch a snapper big enough to take out the Snapper World Cup in this tournament but once again the excitement level soared when the Stabicraft boat package was won in the last ‘man’ standing competition by local resident Kim Newman.


                                ANGLER                                               VESSEL                                                  WEIGHT (kg)

Blue Marlin

1st                           Rob Williscroft                                   Whitianga Marine                            150.7


Striped Marlin

1st                           Adam Marshall                                  Blue Cod Brawlers                           172.2

2nd                          Kylie Laker                                          Missbhaven                                       111.5

3rd                           Alistair McEwen                                All In                                                      101.7



1st                           Aaron Hill                                             Bite Time                                             1.36



1st                           Brian Courtney                                  Arwen                                                  11.73

2nd                          Marcus Grayling                               Arwen                                                  11.38

3rd                           Dan Hahnaussen                              Anarchy                                               10.43



1st                           Shane Howard                                  Ocean Prowler                                  7.02

2nd                          Michael Wright                                 Walk The Line                                    6.24

3rd                           Mark Higgie                                        Dirty Tactix                                          5.71



1st                           Ryan O’Connell                                 Church                                                  22.29

2nd                          Reg Smith                                            5 O’clock Somewhere                    17.39

3rd                           Cor Van Esch                                      Corblimey                                           17.31



1st                           Adam Marshall                                  Blue Cod Brawlers                           10.89

2nd                          Matt Douglas                                     Dirty Tactix                                          10.34

3rd                           Jimmy Adams                                    War Fish                                               8.76



1st                           Murray Conder                                 Black Heart                                         2.95

2nd                          Darren Thompson                           Canna Fish 2                                       2.78

3rd                           Matt Douglas                                     Dirty Tactix                                          2.71



1st                           Tom Valder                                         Renegade                                           3.27

2nd                          Matt Webby                                      Thistle Do                                            2.54

3rd                           Adam Marshall                                  Blue Cod Brawlers                           2.38

Tag and Release Marlin

Dave Scott                      Sureel

Peter Francis                    Sureel

Kylie Laker                        Missbhaven


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