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Warm and dry with overhead cloud cover to keep the sun at bay – the competition was held in ideal conditions and the fishers of the future turned out in droves. The Whitianga community support was tremendous with fantastic sponsorship and donations of prizes including waiving the $2 entry fee after it was paid for by two businesses. There were more than 50 spot prizes as well as other great prizes for fish caught as a record 138 competitors vied for a piece of wharf to fish from with some moving down to the beach so they had enough room.


Sponsors included: Total Home Developments, Whitecliff Builders, Whitianga New World, The Warehouse, Longshore Marine, Whitianga Countdown, Birdspring Miniputt, Mercury Bay Twin Cinemas, Mercury Bay Museum, The Stunned Mullet, The Glasshouse Emporium and Grace O’Malleys. Mercury Bay Game Fishing Club wishes to express its appreciation to all these businesses and the volunteers who helped on the day.



Sprats                   First equal           Chase Murphy

                                                                Rhys Kelly

                                                                Mitchell Hoebergen

                                                                Zayden Gisby

                                Second                 James Ratcliffe

                                Third                      Jay Lorimer


Kahawai               First                       Ava Hoebergen

                                Second                 Jack Fairhurst

                                Third                      Max Davenhill


Spotty                   First                       Jun Yun

                                Second                 Kyan Young

                                Third equal         Mason Speirs

                                                                Ian Yun


Triple Fin              First                       Katlyn Smith

                                Second                 Ella Pirie


Parore                  First                       Jun Yun



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